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Bespoke Vehicle Vinyl Wrapping Service in Manchester - For years we have been servicing clients also from Lancashire, Cheshire and Wirral.


What is Black Pack?

You may have heard it referred to as Night Pack, Stealth Pack, Black Edition, Black Badge, Dechrome or even, as the Instagrammers like to call it ‘Murdered Out’.
Many cars have chrome trims, grills, badges etc and its our preference to have them all black.
Our black packs can be as little as changing the colour of your badges, through to a full dechrome right up to a satin, gloss or matte black wrap.

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Bespoke Manchester Car Wrapping

We know a few ways to make you stand out on the road. We can also protect the bodywork from scratches and dents, which are a natural part of the wear and tear on any vehicle, and customize your car any way you like.

If you fancy dark motifs that completely transform the look of cars, you will love dechroming. Complete change of colour or selective wrapping of some elements? Auto Wrap is the place you've been looking for.

Our showroom in Manchester will look after you and your vehicle. Auto Wrap is our great passion, which we like to share with others. That's why we accept all, even the most challenging and non-standard wrapping orders - no matter what make of car you have and what final effect you desire. Visual and aesthetic individualism on the road? We will make it happen. You want to attract the attention of potential customers and increase your brand recognition? Done!

Take Your Car to the Next Level!

Black Pack

It is no secret that we are most fond of creating dark designs that, on the one hand, inspire awe on the road with their mysterious aura and, on the other, make many heads turn and bring smiles to the faces of other drivers. However, our vehicle wrapping service is not limited to black tones. We will transform your car the way you wish. Satin pink? Will do. Matt graphite? No problem. Auto Wrap provides a comprehensive personalisation service according to the customer's preferences.

If you choose to work with us, you can get more than just car wrapping. If you don't have a precise idea yet, but are keen on a particular effect, don't hesitate to contact us by phone or WhatsApp for details. We will advise you on what will work on your vehicle, and what would not be a good idea, because what we care about most is customer satisfaction with the Auto Wrap service.

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About Us

We're based in Manchester and passionate about cars. We've been wrapping and tinting vehicles for over 10 years and have a particular soft spot for full stealth mode cars.

Every car we black packed looked really special and soon referrals were flooding in from people saying 'I want my car to look like that' and so we set up Black Pack to cater for people with a darker sense in cars.

Most of our services are same day turn around except for full wraps which can take up to a week.

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Are you ready to add a new character to your car? Whenever you are looking for a total car makeover or changing some details, we are here to help you. Give us a call or text us on WhatsApp:

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