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A lot of modern vehicles come with factory lighting packs in the doors, footwells and in places like the centre armrests or dash panels.

We can add this to vehicles that don’t come with it from the factory, or we can enhance the factory system.

Add a nice warm glow to your interior with any colour of your choice including red, blue, white, yellow, green, purple etc. We also offer an interchanging colour system where you can flip between your favourite colours.

car interior ambient light

A lot of our ambient lighting systems work in conjunction with your standard interior lights and can be dimmed or made brighter with your factory dimmer switch or via a smart phone app.

Our ambient lighting packs are professional installed by a trained auto electrician and come with a warranty and guarantee.

Our systems are easy to remove when if you decide to sell your vehicle. Browse our gallery and contact a member of the team for details and a quote.

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Do you want to add an appealing contemporary touch to your vehicle or want to change its vibe to match yours? Transform your interior by simply bringing your car around to us. The installation of ambient lighting will create that personal atmosphere and individual look everyone wants to achieve. It will be carefully hidden under the console, under the seat or behind the dash. No matter whether you’re driving a Ford Fiesta, a Mini or a BMW, contact us for a makeover of your machine.

Ambient lighting for car interior - Black Pack

Take your vehicle one step further with our incredible car interior ambient lighting. You can basically choose any colour, including red, blue, white, green, yellow or purple. We also offer an interchanging colour system. Our systems can also be either dimmed or brightened with a single switch or even via a mobile app. Thanks to this you can achieve the right look that you’re going for, be it a red, sporty vibe, a nice warm glow or a more chilled purple. Our products are super high-quality, it’s not a cheap and ugly-looking plastic connected to a thin wire. They are very durable and also waterproof. Once you install them, you won’t have to worry about fixing them. We offer professional car ambient lighting installation – contact us to customize your interior.

Car - ambient lighting installation

Thanks to our car interior ambient lighting installation and technology your vehicle will look incredibly modern and custom. Not only does it give style, but it also increases nighttime driving visibility. We use cutting-edge tech and equipment and will install the system seamlessly. Our systems are also very flexible, can be neatly tucked away, and will basically stick to your vehicle until you decide to take them off. Professionally installed, they will be carefully hidden in such spaces as:

  • doors,
  • footwells,
  • armrests,
  • dash panels.

Book now and let the experts at Black Pack transform your car interior with our top-quality ambient lighting installation or contact us for more information.

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Are you ready to add a new character to your car? Whenever you are looking for a total car makeover or changing some details, we are here to help you. Give us a call or text us on WhatsApp:

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