Rolls Royce Black Pack

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New Look for your rolls royce

Rolls Royce is the last word in automotive luxury. No manufacturer can compete with the history and prestige of the Rolls Royce name.

Some models in traditional colors look fantastic but that’s not what we’re all about here. Our job is making this traditional brand look 100% up to the minute modern and aggressive. Done carefully a black pack Rolls Royce can look as classy as can be whilst also standing out from the crowd.

Let your imagination run wild and contact a member of the team to discuss your Rolls Royce black pack transformation.

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Take Your Car to the Next Level!

Services we offer

All services are performed by experienced and professional staff

The range of options available for black pack styling a Rolls Royce are endless from wheels and brake calipers to a full black ‘Spirit Of Ecstasy’ and black front grill.
A satin / matte black wrap also protects the paintwork and will leave it looking brand new once removed.

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Dechrome Window Surrounds

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Tail Light Tinting

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Reflector Tinting

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Windscreen Tinting

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Badge Replacement Or Spraying

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Full Vehicle Wraps

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Grill DeChroming

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Bumper DeChroming

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Number Plate Tinting

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Custom Number Plates

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