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Rolls Royce style

Starlight roofs are the new craze. They simply look fantastic and add a real unique feel to your vehicles interior and at night look amazing and give a relaxed sensation when driving with them on.

Starlight roofs use tiny LED optic lights in your vehicle headlining to create an illusion of the night sky.

We use the best available kits to create a high quality finish and feel.

rolls royce interior

The star lights can be controlled through a smart phone app or in some cases via your OE interior light controls.

Vehicles with panoramic roof will need a false ceiling building which we do in house.

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rolls royce image

We specialize in supplying a wide variety of custom solutions for cars that create an unreal atmosphere inside the vehicle. It’s the perfect finishing touch that takes every vehicle to the next level. Our starlight headliner is controlled using interior light controls or via your smartphone. You can effortlessly change the lighting effects and colours. Add that extra-special and unique feel to your interior and choose our Rolls Royce star roof – installation included!

Bring your car’s roof to life with a starlight headliner

Create an illusion of the night sky in your vehicle with our starlight car roof. The lights can cover the whole length of the roof, creating the perfect starlight headliner. Our solutions add a unique feel – your headliner will look just like in a Rolls Royce! Additionally, the effect creates an almost 3D illusion. They give a more open and an airy feel to any interior and they just look very cool. Choose our professional in-house installation to get the best effect of hundreds and hundreds of tiny twinkling lights.

Rolls Royce star roof installation

We offer high-quality, bespoke services. We have experience in working on a wide range of different vehicles from different manufacturers. Our team of passionate people will make sure that the Rolls Royce effect will make your car shine wherever you go! Additionally, we only use the highest quality components which were designed to last. We don’t use off-the-shelf kits. In order to create a starlight car roof, we do everything from scratch, creating custom solutions tailored to the needs of your vehicle and your individual preferences. Additionally, the installation process has been worked out to the last detail - it doesn't take long, and the exact duration depends mostly on the number of lights we’re installing. Choose a luxury experience and create a mesmerising twinkle effect in your vehicle’s interior. If you want to make your vehicle stand out from the crowd, simply contact us for car starlight headliner installation.

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